General FAQs:

  • Do you work with Commercial Food Brands or Product Brands other than food?

We sure do! Please visit our Services page for Commercial o Product Photography information.  We invite you to email us so we can schedule a call and chat about your project needs.


FAQ from our Food Blogger Clients

  • Why should I work with The Crafty Pic?

We create high-quality content and we do it with passion, love and respect for the food and products we serve. Whether it’s a recipe we have created as an Exclusive or a Recreation or Sponsored session for you and your Client, we do the due diligent research for best shots, put in the work and add our gifts and talents to deliver THE best eye-catching, mouthwatering, delicious, scrumptious-looking content to drive traffic and contribute to your bottom line in business.

We LOVE what we do and we hope it shows in ALL the content we provide.

  • What about Copyright?
The Blogging universe is highly competitive niche. We know this. Therefore, for our Food Blogger Clients, we provide content for which we transfer the Copyright to you as the Buyer. TCP will not resell the same content to anyone else but will use a few photos for our business promotion and continuity purposes. This transfer of Copyrights has become a general practice for this side of the Food Photography Industry and we understand it. We're here for you. 


  • What is an “Exclusive”?

An Exclusive is a recipe we create in-house at TCP; this includes original write-up, testing, keyword research and Search volume, styling and photographing, image and write-up editing, so our Clients can rest assured the content you are purchasing is original and has not been copied.

Due to the nature of how keywords work, some content might have similarities, especially the list of ingredients. However, all recipe instructions are written in our own words and checked through Copyscape (anti-plagiarism online tool).
For detailed information regarding Copyright law specifically for recipes, please visit the United States Copyright Office and its Circular 33 resource here.

  • What’s included in a purchased Exclusive recipe from the The Crafty Pic?

Instantly download your developed and kitchen-tested recipe with ingredient list, instructions, substitutions & additions, how to serve, storage suggestions and useful notes for your blog write-up

  • Ingredients shot - portrait
  • Process shots - portrait
  • 20+ high res Hero variety shots - Portrait and Landscape (overhead, 45 and straight-on angles)
  • Keyword research
  • Search volume
  • Do you shoot natural light?

No, we use Artificial Lighting and try to mimic natural light as closely as possible to get those Light & Bright images that showcase food so beautifully. 

  • Do you work one on one with bloggers? 

Yes! We’d be happy to help you with Recreations, Branded Content and Sponsored sessions. We allocate a limited amount of these sessions per month. You can email us here and we’ll set it up for you.

  • Are you open to suggestions or specific recipe requests?

Absolutely! At TCP, we’re always open to hearing from our Clients whether you need to see specific recipes, camera angles or more of certain type of content such as seasonal recipes, recipes for specific diets, special occasions, anything really… we’d like to hear it! We do not guarantee that we will be providing it on our site immediately but will definitely add it to our to do list for awesome content.

  • Do you offer refunds?

Given the digital nature of our products, we do not offer refunds. However, we stand by our work. If there is an issue with your purchase once you download/ images are delivered, you can reach out to us right away and we will do everything we can to make it right.


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