About TCP

Hi there!

I am Leana,

A Commercial Food and Product photographer based in South Florida and the Lead Creative behind The Crafty Pic with experience in Set & Prop Styling. My work has been featured in many US based Food Blogs and I have had the privilege of working with awesome Restaurants and Brands in the Food & Beverage space.

I am passionate about capturing the very essence of your food, how it can tell a story and make us feel all what its intended to. I do this through my lens, creative, yet analytical thinking and commitment to delivering THE best imagery I can capture.

My background is in Marketing and my MBA had a focus on International Business. As a former Marketing Director for almost 17 years and a certified Digital Marketer, I KNOW how essential beautiful and professionally created content can be, how much it can contribute to a Brand’s bottom line and how to best utilize it for different sales & marketing channels.

Food & Beverage photography has become my passion and specialty; it’s both Art AND Science. My approach is first through my Marketing mind and then through my photographer lens; how to best portray and capture your food or product and make it into the HERO of our storytelling.

Based in Miami, FL, I work out of the TCP Studio or can travel to shoot on-location. I’m also always honored to host my Clients for a remote shoot when needed and you will feel as if you’re right there next to me working as a collaborative team. I believe in adding Value through Consistency, Integrity, Respect and Innovation. 

I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s work together! Talk to me about your vision, the story you’d like to tell and let’s make it come to life!

    Our mission

    To provide Brands and creative entrepreneurs with photography products and services to help them create high quality, amazing content to grow their businesses.

    • Value

      We believe quality photography can make your business stand out from the crowd. It shows a business is passionate, professional, trustworthy, and invested in the work they do. We infuse added-value into the work we produce, the products we create, and the content we release.

    • Consistency

      We strive to be consistent in every facet of our business, whether it’s in the photography created for clients, the content we produce for our site or social media and our communications with other creatives and clients. Excellence is a day to day journey. 

    • Integrity

      Being genuine and transparent with clients and fellow creatives is an important part of our business. We strive to keep communication open in all areas with the utmost ethical principles to nourish trust and foster returning business interactions. 

    • Respect

      The Golden Rule is very much alive and true. We decide to always treat our clients and peers with the same courtesy and respect we would like others to treat us at The Crafty Pic.

    • Innovation

      We're continually looking for the “extra step” on everything we do. Staying up to date or simply trying new approaches that add value are engrained in the DNA of everything we do and create. We work hard to keep our photography and our content ahead of the curve; we take a road less traveled.  

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