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Welcome to The Crafty Pic. We're thrilled you are here!

We serve Brands and Bloggers with creative and eye-catching content that contributes to their bottom line.

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Why work with The Crafty Pic?

We are VISUAL beings. "A picture is worth 1,000 words." We may even perceive emotion and sentiment through the visual content we view!

We've all been there. We are browsing online for that next amazingly delicious recipe or sat at a restaurant trying to decide what to eat or are looking for that product we NEED or simply WANT. The moment we lay our eyes on that one eye-catching image, we are HOOKED! THIS, right here, is why we do what we do and we do it with love, passion and respect for the food and the products we serve.

We take the vision our clients have, add a little bit of our gifts and talents, and portray them in the best content we can create for their brands and final consumers.

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Consistent, professionally created visual content CAN contribute to help attract new and returning customers...

...this is where The Crafty Pic comes in to help you.



Commercial Food Photography

Showcasing your food front & center.

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Food Photography for Bloggers

Ingredients, Process & Hero shots all in one gallery to get those clicks and drive traffic.


Product Photography

Showcasing your product in a creative way.

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“From the moment I reached out to book our session with The Crafty Pic they were responsive, friendly and professional. The final photos were incredible. Working with TCP was one of the best experiences we've ever had with a food photographer."

Paola B. - NP Wholesale Food Packing

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